Corporate social responsibility

Commitment to the environment

In INPRE COMPOSITES we are committed to manage our activities in a way that minimizes negative environmental impacts, optimizes the use of available resources and achieves a high level of safety in its processes, facilities and services, paying special attention to a responsible management of the materials we use and their environmental impact. In order to achieve these objectives, we promote environmental training for all our staff, especially those involved in the production, management and maintenance of our facilities.


As a company that manufactures components for the renewable energy sector, we are committed to generating as much clean energy as possible. We have solar panels that supply 10% of the energy we consume, but we do not stop there, our purpose is to continue expanding our self-consumption capacity, taking advantage of the facilities we have.

Equality Plan

INPRE COMPOSITES understands that the professional growth of each worker/employee is closely linked to his/her personal development. For this reason, it promotes equal opportunities and the exclusion of any kind of discrimination throughout its workforce. The professional development and promotion system is based on merit, ability and performance of each person. We have an equality plan, in accordance with current legislation and a system of evaluation and promotion based on the description of each job functions so that any employee of INPRE COMPOSITES know their functions and expectations of professional development.


The values of INPRE COMPOSITES indicate our concern for compliance with the law and the development of good business ethics. We have a code of conduct and compliance that establishes risk prevention measures and a disciplinary regime that establishes appropriate and proportional measures for any infractions committed. Management periodically reviews the system and listens to suggestions for improving and updating the model.