Quality, environment and safety policy

INPRE COMPOSITES’s mission is to design, develop, manufacture and assemble products in reinforced plastic materials, with a high level of quality, so that all product requirements are satisfied, including the quality, service and cost requirements of our customers.

All this will be done, on the one hand, preserving and maintaining the Environment, through a preventive attitude that minimizes environmental impact and pollution, making possible a sustainable development, and on the other hand, ensuring the health and safety of all workers, whether they are from the company or not, through risk reduction, training and awareness, with a basic premise: “every accident is avoidable”.

All employees must work in a spirit of mutual trust and common sense, to continuously improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of manufacturing processes, quality management, environmental management and management of health and safety of workers, so as to ensure compliance with all requirements, whether customer or legal, and all this through objectives aligned with the mission of INPRE COMPOSITES.

Management is committed to reviewing the Integrated Management System, establishing environmental, quality and health and safety objectives and goals to ensure its effectiveness. It is responsible for ensuring that its policy is publicly available, known, understood and applied by all employees and stakeholders.