Modulcar FRP laminate´s uses

Some of the MODULCAR FRP laminate´s common uses are:

Refrigerated or insulated box bodies and box vans.

Dry-freight boxes.

Horseboxes, box vans and other trailers with FRP.

Panel van conversions.

Exhibition vehicles, fairs and events.

Stands and communications mobile units.

Refrigerated storage solutions.

FRP bulk-tank semitrailers and trailers for ADR transportation.

Mobil homes, caravans and campers.

Bath room walls.

Anti-slippery floors.

DHW and other use tanks.

Swimming pools covered by FRP, wine cellars and other applications.

Fabricación de paneles aislantes para diferentes usos.

INPRE fabrica rollos de placa de poliéster reforzado con fibra de vidrio con o sin gel coat, en varios colores y espesores, diferentes acabados interiores para el pegado o no y diferentes usos y aplicaciones.