Modulcar FRP laminate´s uses

Some of the MODULCAR FRP laminate´s common uses are:

panalon- Refrigerated or insulated box bodies and box vans.

- Dry-freight boxes.

- Horseboxes, box vans and other trailers with FRP.

- Panel van conversions.

Costa-Reis- Exhibition vehicles, fairs and events.

- Stands and communications mobile units.

- Refrigerated storage solutions.

- FRP bulk-tank semitrailers and trailers for ADR transportation.

elimar- Anti-slippery floors.

- Mobil homes, caravans and campers.

- FRP imitation-wood walls and furniture for mobil homes, caravans and ships.

- Bath room walls.

Revestimiento-ducha-hotel- DHW and other use tanks.

- Swimming pools covered by FRP, wine cellars and other applications.

- Insulated sandwich panels.