In INPRE COMPOSITES we develop new markets and sectors through R+D+i, creating new products with high added value, using new more sustainable materials and developing more optimized processes that reduce the cost during the life cycle of the product, focusing on the recyclability of new products as well as the use of existing ones, developing technologies and applications that allow the waste material to return to the production cycle.

Our lines of work are


Our objective is to use more sustainable technology to protect the environment, focusing on the recyclability of new products as well as the use of existing ones.

Development and implementation of new materials and processes

Take advantage of new materials existing in the market, adapting them to the needs of different sectors and develop more optimized processes that reduce the cost during the life cycle of the product.

Digitization of the industrial process

We join the digital transformation, adopting new technologies that allow us to have improved data and apply new technological solutions to improve our business model.

R+D+i Projects


The ECORES WIND project focuses on developing an innovative circular resin for wind energy applications, such as blades and nacelles, in order to reduce the environmental footprint of wind generators and promote the sustainability of the sector. INPRE COMPOSITES is involved in defining how this recyclable resin will improve the circularity of components, facilitating dismantling, disassembly, reuse and recycling.
This project, part of the Horizon Europe programme, seeks to extend the useful life of components and increase their efficiency in terms of recycling and reuse.


INPRE’s R+D project, called EMLES (Light, Efficient and Sustainable Tidal Energy), seeks to develop new sustainable materials to manufacture composites for tidal generators blades. These materials will replace current ones, which have low recyclability and require low-automated and expensive manufacturing processes. EMLES focuses on researching bio-based and recyclable resins, along with natural fibers, to improve the strength and efficiency of blades. The project is part of SAIL2FUTURE and aims to modernise and diversify the Spanish naval sector, aligning with Europe’s decarbonisation objectives.

Integral circular economy solution for components of wind turbines close to decommissioning

This project will develop a holistic approach to the problem of the upcoming end of life of multiple wind farms installed more than 20 years ago, in order to achieve full sustainability of the wind energy sector. INPRE COMPOSITES will develop methodologies and technologies for inspection, reconditioning and remanufacturing of the nacelle and hub casing.

This company/entity has received aid 100% co-financed with REACT EU resources, through the ERDF 2014-2020 Operational Program of Navarra, from the Specific Objective “OE REACT EU 4. Support for investments that contribute to the transition towards a green” as part of the Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and Innovation programme under grant agreement 815278



Our experience in the manufacture of large GFRP parts resulted in the start of the manufacture of blades for tidal generators in 2016. We are currently participating in the Nemmo Project, funded by the EU within the H2020 framework in collaboration with eleven other companies from five countries, with the aim of improving the design and performance of these. Our role is to research new, more resistant resins and develop the production process for innovative blades.