GFRP is one of the most resistant and lightest materials available in the market. It withstands the most extreme conditions, being resistant to corrosion, increasing the useful life of the components manufactured with these materials. The flexibility and repeatability of the production process of this material, allows us to design any type of component and industrialize it in a minimum period. In INPRE COMPOSITES we accompany our customers from the conceptual phase, design, choice of the best materials and definition of the production process for the successful development of each project.


Renewable energies

In INPRE COMPOSITES we have been working in the wind energy sector for 30 years, being leaders in our sector. We are working on expanding the applications of GFRP, developing new projects such as the development of blades for tidal generators. Other sub-sectors, such as solar energy, are susceptible to using components made of composite materials.



The use of GFRP in the automotive sector means weight reduction as well as improved insulating properties (thermic and acoustic), so necessary in the new electric vehicles. In addition to more sustainable processes, it results in significant operational savings. At INPRE COMPOSITES we are working to apply the knowledge acquired in the wind energy and bodywork sectors to new components for the vehicles of the future.



The railway sector needs lighter and more sustainable materials, but at the same time demands very strict requirements in terms of fire performance. Standards such as EN 45545-2 are mandatory. INPRE COMPOSITES works applying the requirements demanded by customers for a sector as strict as the railway sector.


Architecture and construction

The high mechanical resistance and low weight of GFRP allows for a wide range of applications and complex geometries that eliminate the barriers that existed to execute futuristic creations with conventional materials.



GRP components are widely used in the naval sector. This material allows the development of components with complex geometries, in addition to withstanding extreme environmental conditions and possessing characteristics of easy maintainability and durability.