Mission, vision and values


INPRE’s mission is to design, develop and manufacture products in reinforced plastic materials, with a high level of quality, in order to satisfy all product requirements, including quality, service and cost requirements of our customers.


INPRE intends to remain as a reference in the market, in the manufacture of products in composite materials for the wind energy sector. On this solid base, we try to diversify according to two criteria:

• Diversification of customers
• Diversification of sectors

To achieve this, each department of the company will be gradually professionalized, while taking advantage of the immense knowledge of the existing human capital and offering more added value to our customers.


INPRE’s values are scrupulous respect for current legislation, concern for the health, safety and welfare of workers, awareness of the environment, and generally practicing good business ethics under the “win-win” philosophy with all the agents around us.